2018 Genesis G80, relentlessly refined

Right in the middle of the Genesis family of sedans, we ...
Luis Lopez

Right in the middle of the Genesis family of sedans, we found the G80, deliciously sculpted, nicely appointed, this sedan encompass the best of Korean engineering. With a 5.0 V8 engine, capable of producing 413hp and the option of a 3.8 V6 with 315hp, the G80 has power to spare, the choice is yours, choose wisely.


We are infatuated with the G80 lines, elegant yet athletic, the G80 is like an olympic athlete that won many medals, but choose not to display them, everybody knows it’s a winner. Inside, room is king, is not an S class, but if you get into one blindfolded, it will be hard to tell the difference, and if you do, congratulations, you have fine tuned senses.


The wood that adorn the dashboard and doors is of exquisite quality, we haven’t seen this variety of wood, it must be from an exotic specially selected batch. There’s an analogical look and feel to the technology Inside, maybe to pay tribute to the old more organic feel of yesteryears, but you know it has the latest tech.


Genesis may also mean reborn, a rebirth for Hyundai, its parent company, the one that in spite of vile ferocious competition, knew exactly how to open its wings and soar.


Base MSRP: $41,750




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