2018 Infiniti QX80, big, luxurious and oh so powerful..

Is there a better way to invest your trust in a ...
Luis Lopez

Is there a better way to invest your trust in a vehicle?
Yes there is! just get one of the most capable and reliable
full size SUVs on the market, the Infiniti QX80.
With a 5.6 V8 and 400 hp, this SUV will tow up to 8,500
pounds with ease, yes it just gives you 16 mpg combined,
but ohh..how much fun was bringing the boat to the lake.


This SUV is stylish, concave and covex sinuous lines try to
hide it’s massive size, and they succeed for a while, until
you try to park it on a supermarket parking lot on a Sunday.
One of the many highlights of the QX80 is found inside
the cabin, spacious and luxurious, the quality and attention
to detail is palpable, if you like leather you’ll be very happy.


On that note, one of the details that really impressed us
was the attention to detail in the diamond stitching of the
seats and panels, slide your hand through it, ohh my…
We think the tech enthusiasts will be very happy with
what the QX80 has to offer, plus a decent entertainment
system with remarkable Bose amps and speakers.


Lately, there has been an explosion in popularity of small
luxurious SUVs, but they don’t offer much in the areas of
power or space, the QX80 has that and much more.


Base MSRP: $65,745






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