2018 Lexus 450hL, more for less

Hybrid cars are known to get a ton of millage for ...

Hybrid cars are known to get a ton of millage for very
little gas, the Lexus RX 450hL is no exception, with a
combined 30 mpg rating, this SUV is very frugal.
But what really surprised us is the power under the hood,
a surprising 308 total system horsepower, the RX 450hL
might go head to head against a traditional sports car.


Taking cues from the modern design language of their
latest models, this Lexus has a dynamic and angular
shape, stylish, yet not overly aggressive, it looks good.
Inside, as expected, you’ll be surrounded by luxury,
nicely finished surfaces made of premium leather and
quality plastics, make the cabin a comfortable space.


Interestingly, the tachometer is kind of a transformer,
traditional looking while in Sport mode while becoming
a charge regeneration gauge on Normal and Eco.
The Lexus Enform infotainment system features a
prominent high-def 12.3 inch LCD screen with 3D
city views and very useful 360º all around cameras.


Living in the era of SUVs, standing out from the crowd
is a challenge, with its combination of style, power and
features, the RX 450hL is an appetizing proposition.


Base MSRP. $46,095



Luis Lopez


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