2018 Lexus GX 460, a SUV with pedigree

You’ll surely raise above many SUVs by choosing a Lexus GX ...

You’ll surely raise above many SUVs by choosing a Lexus GX 460, noted by its elegance and surprising off-road capabilities, this SUV will take you places. Equipped with a silky smooth V8, with 301 hp, power is one of the many desired features that abound in the “little” sister of the highly regarded LX series of SUVs.


Like all of Lexus designs that came out lately, the maligned “predator” faccia is shown very prominently, a debatable design choice that makes it unnecessarily aggressive. Inside the GX 460 we found a very different story, that threatening visage becomes the opposite of a warm and welcoming interior, like stepping into a friendly giant.


There are no big surprises with this SUV, everything looks proven, trusted and made to last, the complicated 4×4 traction system is controlled by intuitive switches. We’ve just driven Volvo’s XC series of SUVs and when comparing their infotainment systems, the one found in the GX 460 feels like it came from Jurassic times 🦖.


The “aura” of dependability inherited from the legendary Land Cruiser is still alive and well in the GX 460, if only there weren’t so many younger and hotter SUVs around…


Base MSRP: $52,155


Un superdeportivo de 622 caballos de fuerza que acelera de 0-60 mph en 3.5 segundos.

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