2019 Lexus RX 350L, expertly tuned for your senses

We truly did enjoy a very happy week while driving the ...

We truly did enjoy a very happy week while driving the
Lexus RX 350L, a SUV that was designed to delight
every sense while transporting you with elegance.
How does Lexus accomplish that? First, with a very
smooth 3.5 liter V6 engine with 290 hp, more than
enough for most every city driving situation imaginable.


Second, with an instantly recognizable exterior design,
featuring sharp lines and defined muscular shapes,
there’s a hint of a samurai armor design somewhere too.
Third, with an airy, comfortable and modern cabin, in this
case with the warm touches of molded bamboo wood
across the doors and tastefully fitted in the center console.


Adding to all this sophistication is the Lexus Enform
info-tainment system, all controlled by a mouse-like
pointer, a valid alternative to touch and scroll wheels.
There’s a noticeable difference when switching between
drive modes, ECO is ideal to reach the promised 21 mpg
fuel economy, while SPORT provides that extra power.


We can’t promise that you’ll reach a state of instant
happiness just by the smell of the RX 350L, but the tasteful
design and legendary Lexus quality might get you closer.


Base MSRP: $49,170



Luis Lopez


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