2019 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium, loaded with magic ✨

What better way to drive each other home than with a ...
Luis Lopez

What better way to drive each other home than with a
nicely equipped Toyota Sienna, It may not have the appeal
of a proper SUV, but it comes loaded with magic ✨.
Besides the legendary Toyota reliability we all love, the
Sienna is powered by a ultra-smooth 8-speed 3.5 liter V6
engine, ideal to make the dreams of 8 people come true.


Just like a trusty lovable golden retriever, when you look
at the Sienna it feels like is trying to tell you “jump inside
buddy, let’s go on an adventure” it will cheer you up!
Getting inside is super easy, thanks to the big sliding doors,
once seated, something remarkable happened, we felt
relaxed, at peace, like having a yoga class on wheels 🙏.


Toyota knows that on long trips, you need to always stay
hydrated, that’s why they thoughtfully provided plenty of
useful cup holders, the front ones are also illuminated 🥤.
Dashboard screens display vehicle and climate control info,
plus a 360˚eagle eye view to help you park, on the back,
a 16.4 inch widescreen provides entertainment for the kids.


For decades and across generations, the idea of what really
matters when choosing the right car is always changing,
think about it, maybe a minivan is exactly what you need.


Base MSRP: $31,315






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