Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio, Plastic Love ❤️

What makes the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio beautiful is beyond its ...

What makes the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio beautiful is
beyond its quirky looks or practicality, there’s an essential
connection that started when we first plugged it in.
With a range of 112 miles in a 3 hour charge, this cute
bundle of joy looks so harmonious when parked between
the recycle bin and the solar panels at the Whole Foods.


This new generation of the ForTwo has grown in size just
enough to make it more practical, while keeping all of its
friendly stance, a rarity in a world of aggressive designs.
Inside we found a bit of too much going on, buttons,
a pop up screen, a toy like environment more suited for
teenagers than grown ups, Smart’s aim is very clear.


A high resolution 7″ touchscreen with navigation and
Android Auto is a nice upgrade, even better if you decide
to add the JBL sound system, all for just $1,780 🤔.
Yep! it’s expensive! think about it, those bells and whistles
are already in your smartphone, but somehow the ForTwo
feels incomplete without it, like a ring without its gem 💎.


The Smart FourTwo has that magnetic instant likability,
even if there are “smarter” options out there, some people
will find it irresistible, if you are one of them, just go for it!


Base MSRP: $23,900


Music by: 8 Bit Universe / Barbie Girl



Luis Lopez


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