2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

This compact SUV may not be the goddess of the sky, ...

This compact SUV may not be the goddess of the sky, but with its elegance and practicality, It just might be the goddess of the compact SUVs.

With its proven and trusted four cylinder 2.5 liter engine capable of producing 170 HP, the Rogue’s ride is smooth and responsive.


The designers of the Rogue put emphasis on the aerodynamics while keeping the shape of the SUV distinct, modern and easy on the eyes.

Inside, we were happy to find all the controls easy to reach and legible, with a feel of quality on the smooth nature of the materials used.


Nissan took special care on the camera system, implementing an impressive 360º eagle view on the center console.

Rough terrain is no problem for the Rogue, we took it on an exotic expedition through a wild life reserve, the AWD was really impressive.


We spent many days testing compact SUVs from many brands, what we really like about the Rogue was it’s balanced performance wherever we drove it.


Base MSRP: $23,820





Luis Lopez


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